The Haitian airline, serving the entire Caribbean, will gain access to aggregators, consolidators, and travel agencies across a network spanning over fifty countries operated by the Spanish company.

Haitian airline Sunrise Airways has decided to entrust the distribution of all its domestic and international routes to the Spanish company Euroairlines, following the signing of a collaboration agreement between the two entities. This collaboration allows the Caribbean airline to leverage a network of travel agencies, OTAs, aggregators, and consolidators in more than fifty countries, made available by Euroairlines through its IATA Q4 plate.

Sunrise Airways currently operates flights throughout the Caribbean, with a significant focus on Haiti, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Príncipe, San Martín, Panama, Guadeloupe, and Miami. For example, it offers 18 weekly flights between Haiti and Cuba and another 36 between Santo Domingo and Puerto Príncipe.

Founded in 2009 in Haiti, Sunrise Airways was established to connect the Caribbean islands and capitals of the region. Since then, it has experienced the most significant growth of any airline in the geographical area, both in terms of passenger volume and the expansion of international routes. According to Philippe Bayard, President of Sunrise Airways, “this agreement will open up even more distribution channels and enhance sales.”

For Antonio López-Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, the agreement will further intensify and consolidate the significant growth experienced by the Haitian airline in recent years. “Sunrise Airways is a strategic partner for us, allowing us to strengthen our presence in a crucial area for international traffic,” says López-Lázaro.

Gregory Taffouraud, CCO of Euroairlines, adds: “We are delighted to support Sunrise’s strong growth, one of the leading airlines in the Caribbean.”

Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Business Development, states: “With the addition of Sunrise Airways to our portfolio, we become the distribution platform with the most connections in the Caribbean, and we are happy to carry the Sunrise brand across the more than 50 markets where we are present with Q4.

About Sunrise Airways

Since 2012, Sunrise Airways has facilitated connections between major cities in Haiti (Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Jérémie), Santo Domingo, Cuba (Havana, Santiago, Camagüey, Holguín), Panama, Guadeloupe, Miami, and San Martín, contributing to strengthening ties within the Caribbean community. The airline is dedicated to ensuring regularity, punctuality, and fair fares for users, with the goal of creating a true Caribbean network that prioritizes passengers and environmental sustainability. In just over a decade, the company has transported more than 1.5 million passengers, serving airports in four Haitian cities, seven international cities, and seven Caribbean countries